CLT Urban Pavilion

Status: Proposal on 08.2018
Program: Public toilet and landscape

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Site area: 400 m2
GFA: 34 m2
Structure: CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), 1 story
Maximum height: 12.3m

The CLT urban pavilion was proposed for a public toilet and park landscape in one of the city centers in Tokyo, Japan. The requirement was to give a special landmark toilet together with a narrow park design to promote this area for local citizens and international tourists. The challenge was the scale of the city; there are lots of large commercial buildings and no place for citizen to enjoy the view of sky due to the high density and wall of those skyscrapers.  Moreover, the surrounding park is very narrow in spite of that it is a main path to the train station next to the site. That inconvenient condition makes people difficult to stay there comfortably.

To bring in a Japanese cultural feature, Hinoki CLT (Japanese cypress Cross Laminated Timber) panel was chosen for the main structural material.  CLT panel, which is useful to preserve forest environment and wood industry, can make large-sized panel; maximum 3m wide and 12m length with various thicknesses in Japan. Therefore, the design was used the maximum length as it’s height of the building to be recognized like a tower structure. Total thirteen CLT panels are cut with curved line and assembled as a building structure with a void between of them. The structure visualizes varied natural sunlight day by day, giving emotional urban view for the citizens. From interior, the structure filters sunlight and the user can experience the unique lighting transform with the special fresh aroma of timber.
The rest parts of panels are also applied to create street furniture as the sitting-down benches and long-standing tables. The citizens can get in touch and feel the material which used as the materials of the pavilion structure with their enjoying activities.
This proposal gives potential for usage of large-sized CLT panels to create a landmark structure. The approach can be used for various purpose of building to create unique structure for urban landscape.

Design Company: Worklounge 03 + Takashi Niwa Architects
Design Team: Hiroomi Takemori, Takashi Niwa, Vu Thi Thanh Huong, Tran Hong Quan, Nguyen Le Khanh Duy, Pham Thanh Ngoc, Tran Xuan Dam
Structural Design: Shin Komatsu