We are always looking for people with strength to join our pioneering team in Hanoi.
We are young studio but offer a dynamic workplace that encourages innovation and collaboration, with a variety of roles.

Our mission is creating "the best of environment and culture". We believe that the best mix of environment and culture will bring greater happiness for individuals. Our target of design is not only architectural space but everywhere around us.
We exercise a sustainable approach to architecture and engineering with passion for design that we all share. 

Welcome to joining our team for endeavor of creation !

Please contact and send your CV to the following information
︎ admin@niwa-a.com   
☎ (+84) 24 730 23232

Vietnamese Interns
Good skill of model making
Gain more practical experience in a professionally English-speaking working environment
Valuable & helpful time of making models

International Interns
Prefarably more than three-month working plan
Get architectural practices in tropical climate countries as well as in global