Our proposal "La Saigon" bridge has been selected as the winner of the international design competition

LA SAI GON (Leaf of Sai Gon)" is a design proposal under joint venture between Takashi Niwa Architects and Chodai Kiso Jiban Vietnam Company Limited. It has been selected as the winning design of pedestrian bridge competition across Sai Gon River by The HCMC People’s Committee.

The design, received the highest mark in a designing competition, inspired by the shape of Nypa palm leaf which we could see everywhere in HCMC in the past.

The message of the bridge design is aiming to memorize the scenery of Nypa forest beside river. And learning from the nature and adopt the smart environmental system of plants to a future smart city, Sai Gon.

As a landmark of city, the big leaf provides a sunshade in the daytime and becomes a projection screen in the night. The bridge also utilizeswaterscape and mist to visualize the Sai Gon's rich water resources and its usage.

The design is on the process of finalizing with the HCMC People’s Committee.

We are looking forward to sharing you the design of La Saigon bridge soon.

Cầu đi bộ bắc qua sông Sài Gòn có hình lá dừa nước