The Wing | Landscape, Gate and Fence design

Status: under development
Program: Landscape, Gate, Fence
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Site area: 7,350 m2   

Vietnam is worldwide famous for its beautiful natural scenery and variety of culture. There are many tourists from all around the world visiting Vietnam and impressive with Vietnamese featured traditional Ao Dai uniform and the people’s warm hospitality.

An elegant form of women in Ao Dai is inspired us to design the shape for fence surrounding the site and facing to the city.

A sculptural gate lets people conceive the shape of aircraft and visualize the dynamicity of this company.

A forest inside of the landscape is designed to give people the relaxing feeling and sometimes comfortable space to work outside in “the forest”. The enormous number of trees are plant to correspond with the number of staff who will work here. Each tree will be planted by each member and they can enjoy the growth of their own garden.

Architecture and Landscape design: Takashi Niwa, Kyohei Takahashi