Pizza 4P’s Hai Phong

Site and context analysis

Thank 4Ps Corporation for accompanying Takashi Niwa Architects in these past few years in Pizza 4PS Phan Ke Binh, Ippudo Vietnam. We are happy to cooperate again with 4Ps Corporation on this new project in Hai Phong, a developing city in Nothern Vietnam.

Hai Phong city is one of the largest port industrial cities in Vietnam as well as becoming a dynamic communication hub to attract tourists by marine characteristics and history.

Our new Pizza 4P’s restaurant stands in a prime location in the new Aeon Mall in Hai Phong, surrounded by residential areas, with a convenient traffic axis from Cat Bi international airport, the main gateway from the world to the center of Hai Phong.

Despite an industrial, commercial city, there are still local cultural values and various local materials in Hai Phong we can find. Applying our motto “Visualize the Values” in design, the restaurant is designed as “Arkship Pavilion of Pizza 4P's", where you can enjoy a journey of food entertainment: dining with Pizza 4P’s sustainable concept in background.

Pizza 4P’s Hai Phong was studied carefully to be embedded into its local and cultural context to express the value of the city and to contribute to the development of Hai Phong economy.
Interior materials, lighting equipment, and patterns in the restaurant were inspired by the local context of Hai Phong to represent the local culture and history not only for the local residents to re-find city characteristics but also for visitors to experience the city.

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