Pizza 4P’s Hai Phong

Design options

In order to visualize a motto of 4PS restaurant “Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness”, Takashi Niwa Architects studied intensely the site condition, the local culture and the context to find out the best option. Many different design options were created. Some of the initial ideas were designed focusing on a convenient approach from outside to the upper level of the restaurant.

Big Steps
To extend the garden space
The Ring
To experience the green curtain
The staircase
To create internal circulation

Other ideas about the facade design that needed to be studied deeper came up when we wanted to bring more emotions to customers to experience the city characteristics.

Merge into landscape
With green chains and plants on the bridge
Curved wall
To make a movement of the building
Twin circle and bubbles
To put a significant spiral circulation

After studying design options of approach and the facade, we reached the concept “Ark Ship Pavilion of Pizza 4P’s”.
With this final concept, the restaurant will bring customers the joy of a journey of food entertainment: dining with a sustainable concept with friends and families.