Pizza 4P’s Hai Phong


Being located in Hai Phong, an industrial port city, the new Pizza 4P’s restaurant is designed as a hub to share happiness with loved ones as well as the experience of the dining journey of the city’s history and culture.

To maximize the experience of a rich cultural space, the local industrial materials are chosen for the restaurant design.

By using the available metal chains, fire brick, recycled lighting fixtures in the dockyard, the values of Hai Phong city can be discovered in the restaurant. By this way, not only the residents but also the visitors can re-find those values when enjoying meals.

Upon opening the door to the restaurant, light metal chain curtains welcome customers. The entrance area and dining area are softly separated by these metal chain curtains and layers of climber plants.

Besides, lighting fixtures are recycled from robust marine lighting found in the junkyard. Each of them has a different shape, bringing uniqueness to space and creating an emotional atmosphere with their material massiveness.

The selection and arrangement of such local materials created a unique dining experience with the docksides atmosphere. The space inspired by the local culture and history values will become the “Ark pavilion” to preserve and represent values to the future.

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