Pizza 4P’s Hai Phong

Architecture Concept

The new pizza 4P's restaurant is located in Hai Phong, a port city in Vietnam, where there are still lots of local cultural values and various local materials we can find despite an industrial, commercial city.

The restaurant is designed as a “Ark Ship Pavilion”, where people can enjoy a journey of food entertainment: dining with a sustainable concept with friends and families. It is not only a pizza restaurant but also a space to find out sustainable life idea with joy.

The pavilion building opens to the entrance court where abundant flowers and trees for children to play. The curved slope in the landscape invites people to access the large roof where the pavilion welcomes the people to the journey of pizza 4P's dining.

When guests enter the pavilion building, the large void with top lights gives a special experience. A couple of pizza ovens in the center of the void gives a joyful scene of pizza cooking from everywhere in the restaurant. The dining space will be filled with natural light through the skylights, bringing guests a memorable time for dining in daytime.

Interior materials, lighting equipment, and patterns in the restaurant were inspired by the local context of the industrial port city, is not only to keep the value of the city for the local residents to re-find but also to  let visitors experience the city’s culture and history.