Pizza 4P’S Phan Ke Binh

Status: Built in 03.2018
Program: Restaurant (Renovation)
Location: 5 Phan Ke Binh, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Client: Pizza 4P’s

Concept of Pizza 4P’s, “Delivering Wow, Sharing Happiness” has been developed from an experience of the owner couple. The story has been started from a handmade pizza oven which was constructed by the owners and friends in their home’s garden in Tokyo. The garden became a place for pizza party to enjoy the meal with the taste of pizza competition with friends.

The restaurant site is located in the central area of Hanoi. Although Hanoi city is so dense, the original three stories building had a front garden which was opened to the street with some large trees. With this ideal site, the restaurant design was tried to re-realize the begging of the restaurant story; garden parties surrounding pizza oven to share happiness.

The approach to the restaurant has been designed with ellipse courtyard. It maximizes the experience of landscape and giving surprise meeting with pizza kitchen. The open kitchen with a couple of ovens also connected to the main sequence. Guests are able to enjoy presentation of chefs’ cooking and surge of flame in the ovens. The large void is featured by a curved wall made by fire bricks is a place for enjoying such interesting activity of creation.

The original façade was a simple glass wall. Local made cast irons were arranged to add a curtain-like screen between the guest and street to make a comfortable distance. From the interior view, window-like opening catch scenery of the surrounding greens.

This restaurant will deliver not only good food and atmosphere but also giving experimental space around sharing pizza which is the aiming of owner to share with the guests.

Design Company: Takashi Niwa Architects
Architectural design and supervision: Takashi Niwa Architects (Takashi Niwa, Do Huu Tam, Mika Fujisaka, Dicky Huang) Structural Design: SMT Viet Nam Construction JSC. (Le Trung Hien, Bui Cao Tuan)
MEP Design: Hanoi Engineering (Nguyen Van Thuong)
Furniture and Interior Design: Takashi Niwa Architects (Takashi Niwa, Mika Fujisaka)

Contractor: Tropikon (Nguyen Hong Quang, Dao Minh Tuan, Nguyen Trọng Tung, Ngo Van Huynh) Furniture Supply: Tropical Rustic (Giap Hong Van, Phi Dinh Truong)
Suppliers: TOTO, Betonlab, Hitachi Hisense

Photographers: Hoang Le, Do Huu Tam