Our proposal "La Saigon" bridge has been selected as the winner of the international design competition

LA SAI GON (Leaf of Sai Gon)" is a design proposal under joint venture between Takashi Niwa Architects and Chodai Kiso Jiban Vietnam Company Limited. It has been selected as the winning design of pedestrian bridge competition across Sai Gon River by The HCMC People’s Committee.

The design, received the highest mark in a designing competition, inspired by the shape of Nypa palm leaf which we could see everywhere in HCMC in the past.

The message of the bridge design is aiming to memorize the scenery of Nypa forest beside river. And learning from the nature and adopt the smart environmental system of plants to a future smart city, Sai Gon.

As a landmark of city, the big leaf provides a sunshade in the daytime and becomes a projection screen in the night. The bridge also utilizes waterscape and mist to visualize the Sai Gon's rich water resources and its usage.

The design is on the process of finalizing with the HCMC People’s Committee.

We are looking forward to sharing you the design of La Saigon bridge soon.

Cầu đi bộ bắc qua sông Sài Gòn có hình lá dừa nước

2020 - TALK
Virtual lecture with Takashi Niwa at Amity University, Kolkata in India

This period of social distancing has given us the opportunity of connecting virtually all across the world and we are honoured to have invitation to address undergraduate students of Amity School of Architecture and Planning, Kolkata through such a platform.

This is 1 hour virtual lecture is shared publicly to have  an insight of the architectural design approach "Visualize the Values". in response to local culture and context as well as the sharing of some related projects that Takash Niwa Architects have completed.


IPPUDO Vietnam published on Vietnamese magazines

The project IPPUDO VIETNAM is publised on Vietnamese magazine of Vietnam Architecture Association named "Nha Dep", the issue of October, 2019. 

This is the first branch of a Japanese ramen restaurant, and sited in an emerging housing development in Ho Chi Minh city. The restaurant acts as a social hub
within the area, where interaction and food is shared. The design approach of Ippudo Vietnam is a challenge to realise a social space that responds, changes and
grows as it ages with its surroundings.

2019 - AWARDS

Pizza 4P’s Phan Ke Binh received Green Good Design 2019

Overcoming hundred of projects around the world, Pizza 4P’s Phan Ke Binh is awarded “Green Good Design 2019”, which is one of the most international influenced awards, organized since 1950 in Chicago, USA by The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design.

Through this award, the society can have more information about the company specialzing in sustainability.
It's our honor that the building could show the green idea which respects surrounding nature culture in Hanoi.

2019 - AWARDS

Pizza 4P’s Phan Ke Binh wins Asian Design Prize 2019, Korea

We are happy that our project, Pizza 4P's Phan Ke Binh becomes the winner of Asian Design Prize 2019. This is one of the most successful global
design awards held in Asia, is hosted by Designsori, Korea.

This award breaks away from formative simplicity and complexity and grants true value on the potentials of creativity into products as well as
outstanding ideas which are specified with outstanding design. 


Publication on Vietnamese & Japanese magazines

The project Pizza 4P's Phan Ke Binh is on cover of Vietnamese magazine of Ho Chi Minh Architectural Association named "Tap chi Kien truc &
Doi song" and is introduced on 8 pages on the first issue of 2019. There is free online issue on
An article about Takashi Niwa on KJ Magazine in Japan at their issue on January 2019. His working experience in Vietnam and his built projects
as well as the on-going projects are featured on the article.

2019 - AWARDS

Pizza 4P’s Phan Ke Binh received the “Interior of the year 2018” of Ashui Awars, Vietnam

Our  first project Pizza 4P's Phan Ke Binh got the prize "Interior design of the year" of Ashui Awards 2018, which is organized by, the most
popular online magazine for urban & architecture in Vietnam. The project uses Vietnamese cast iron and bricks to create a precious gathering space
for families who will share good pizza and happiness together.

Announcement about Ashui Awards 2018


Communicating green to children....

In recent years, in Vietnam, greenhouse gas emissions  have risen significantly compared with the world,  the green space is decreasing by a rapid
urbanization and the connection with nature is lost in the urban area. So, where do children of Viet Nam play? 
In the context of such a social situation, a sustainable agriculture kindergarten is designed and built in Dong Nai province, southeast part of Viet Nam.
The agricultural kindergarten was made from the warm and gentle feelings of architects who wanted children to learn more from nature.

The interview of Takashi Niwa worked by online magazine IDEA FOR GOOD will give you more aspects of the Japanese architect’s desire put in the

Idea for Good: Vietnam Special #5 
ベトナム特集♯5: 世界が注目する持続可能な農業幼稚園。そのデザインに込められた、ある日本人建築家の想いとは

2018 - AWARDS

Pizza 4P's Phan Ke Binh project is nominated as the finalist in "Interior of the year" of Ashui Awards 2018, Vietnam

Our  first project Pizza 4P's Phan Ke Binh is selected as the finalist of "Interior design of the year" in Ashui Awards 2018, which is organized by, the most popular online magazine for urban & architecture in Vietnam. The project uses Vietnamese cast iron and bricks to create a
precious gathering space for families who will share good pizza and happiness together.
We are happy that our approach of design makes you intersted and we hope to have your support for voting this project.

The period voting time is from 1 Dec - 31 Dec. 2018.

 Link to vote: Ashui Awards 2018


Takashi Niwa: The Japanese Architect in tune with Culture and Nature

Takashi Niwa’s on the balcony of Pizza 4P’s Phan Ke Binh, one of his most recent designs. The idea for the restaurant chain grew from a pizza party in the
founders’ backyard, and Takashi Niwa’s design recreates the garden party atmosphere through a serene but fashionable dining space.

Flipping through his plans and sketches, Takashi Niwa  will take us through his earliest inspirations, his most famous projects, and the future of 
Takashi Niwa Architects through his below interview with Vietcetara.

Takashi Niwa: The Japanese Architect in Tune with Culture and Nature

2018 - TALK
“Be Vietnamized” -  Sharing of Takashi Niwa in VNCC.

“Vietnam is a country with abundant and various traditional culture and nature,  the attractions to get me, a foreign architect, come here to work
and live in Vietnam. I wonder what I can do with this variety to reveal your country’s unhidden charming.”
This is the sharing of Architect Takashhi Niwa in the talk is organized by VNCC on 15 October 2018 at VNCC building.

2018 - TALK
“Standing for environment, approaching culture” - Talk in ASHOW#1.

Takashi Niwa has a talk with a title "Standing for environment, approaching culture" in ASHOW#1.
His talk was focused on the secrets of green design investments which became precious stock in the Vietnamese society delivering with benefits
for the clients.
The ASHOW is organized by VICO stone & with the theme "The magic of nature" on 22 September 2018, at Melia Hotel, 14:30-16:30. 

2018 - AWARDS
nanoco gallery received International Architecture Awards (IAA) 2018

nanoco gallery, Hanoi was constructed to promote nanoco and Panasonic lighting products together with sharing their space for arhitects to make
their exhibitions as a voluntarily project.
The building has been received International Architecture Awards (IAA) in 2018 in category "Retail/Showroom", which is hosted by The Chicago
Design Museum, USA. 


Takashi Niwa’s Interview about creative educational spaces on Vietcetera

To learn more about the design process of project Farming Kindergarten, Vietcetera, an online briefing on Vietnam affairs, society, business, spoke
with one of the building’s architects, Takashi Niwa.
Niwa worked with both Masaaki Iwamoto and Vo Trong Nghia as a principal architect of VTN on this groundbreaking project.

Vietnamese School Architecture: Three Creative Educational Spaces

“Plants in architecture improve cities”, says Takashi Niwa on Bluprint online magazine

As partner in VTN Architects, Takashi Niwa explained during his talk at Anthology Festival 2018, using plants and trees as building materials
in the architecture gives users an opportunity to reconnect with nature in our increasingly developed urban conditions.

After presenting this philosophy, Niwa sat down with BluPrint to explain the numberous benefits of greenery in designing architecture for the
tropical climate.

Article:  Plants in architecture improve cities

Designer Q&A: Takashi Niwa on Design Anthology

Takashi Niwa talks with Design Anthology about the studio’s unconventional and ultra-natural approach to design at Business of Design Week,
Hong Kong in the time he was as a partner at VTN Architects.

Article:  Designer Q&A: Takashi Niwa