HUE Siargao Hotel

Status: under development
Program: Hotel
Location: Siargao, Philippine
GFA: 8,280 sqm
Client: Luana Lifestyle and Leisure Hotel., Inc

The hotel is located in Siargao, a tropical teardrop-shaped island in Philippines. This island is famous as the country’s surfing capital with white sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, and natural rock and cave pools. Natural and stunning landscape is the inspiration for our idea to design a beach hotel with multi-purpose. The hotel will become not only a accommodation place but also a hub for local and international events, social gathering.

Three-story hotel is designed with two arch opposited shapes, opening widely from both sides from the entrance, creating directly view and access to the beach with 75 rooms in two upper floors and other facilities such as reception hall, shopping mall and restaurant.

On ground floor, the narrow shape is functioned as reception hall, welcoming tourists, local Philippines and surfers, featured with a tropical vibe infinity pool and full of services of food court, creation hall. It is convenient to access directly from the hotel to the beach and the surfing place. The staircase is designed in the center of the building for the purpose of panorama view enjoyment from hotel to the beach as well as to connect the accommodation area.

The hotel design is visulized to create a space where visitors from all over world, are able to enjoy the surfing activity and the relaxing time as well as to  visualize our motto “The best environment of environment and culture

Architecture and Landscape design: Takashi Niwa, Vu Thi Thanh Huong, Tran Thi Thu Trang, Nguyen Le Khanh Duy, Nguyen Van Khuong