Communicating green to children....

In recent years, in Vietnam, greenhouse gas emissions  have risen significantly compared with the world,  the green space is decreasing by a rapid rbanization and the connection with nature is lost in the urban area. So, where do children of Viet Nam play?
In the context of such a social situation, a sustainable agriculture kindergarten is designed and built in Dong Nai province, southeast part of Viet Nam.
The agricultural kindergarten was made from the warm and gentle feelings of architects who wanted children to learn more from nature.

The interview of Takashi Niwa worked by online magazine IDEA FOR GOOD will give you more aspects of the Japanese architect’s desire put in the design.

Idea for Good: Vietnam Special #5
ベトナム特集♯5: 世界が注目する持続可能な農業幼稚園。そのデザインに込められた、ある日本人建築家の想いとは