Café Pavilion -  Power of STACKING

Status: proposed in Jan. 2019
Program: Cafe

GFA: 730m2

The design for a temporary  café pavilion we proposed is the harmonized structure with the power of large trees in the park. That’s large concrete blocks which are generally used for weight of piling test of building.

The material itself will bring a sense of strength even a temporary building’s structure. The stability also allows development of greenery which will climb up into the surface of the building by time.

The stacking structure will be constructed very quickly and also easy to remove because it’s original purpose for the construction. There is no building with this design approach therefore it will be a very unique challenge.

Architect Firm: Takashi Niwa Architects
Design team:  Takashi Niwa, Prajwal Gaikwad, Nguyen Khuong