Café Pavilion -  Power of Layer

Status: proposed in Jan. 2019
Program: Cafe

GFA: 400m2

To create a cafe space in a corner of the park with deep layer of greenery, a layer of timber frames was proposed. The frames create tunnel like space inside of it to welcome guests into the cafe.

The main access is open to the city to welcome guests from pedestrian. To create a unique high ceiling cafe space, office space has been divided into 2 floors with own staircase in the space.

The frames post shadows and give depth to create rhythmic facade which communicate with surrounding greenery.

The scenery made from layer of timber frames will visualize sunlight with making scenery with harmony to nature.

Architect Firm: Takashi Niwa Architects
Design team: Takashi Niwa, Noemie Schweisguth, Nguyen Le Khanh Duy