Becamex Tokyu Hikari Expansion

Status: under construction
Program: Restaurant Complex
Location: Binh Duong city, Vietnam
Site area: 7,980 m2   
GFA: 2,562 m2
Client: Becamex Tokyu Co., Ltd

The complex is named HIKARI, which has a meaning in Japanese of “Light” and of “Hope” in wide range. Hikari Expansion project is targeted to become an appropriate space for the local resident in Binh Duong city to enjoy dinning time. To get approach of a smart city concept of Binh Duong city, the project’s facilities are designed with a suitable approach for sustainable development and emotional well-being with landscape atmosphere.

The project features the special landscape and activities area where people can enjoy walking time, communicating with each other and joining event activities together to fill their life with diversity in “Modern City” Binh Duong.

To provide a cool atmosphere as well as to become the symbol of the city, the landscape with greenery is designed combined with spaces for activities, walking path, water system. With greenery spaces, the heat radiation from exterior will be reduced and natural wind can get into interior to cool down the spaces. Furthermore, the vegetable garden is designed, even in the public toilets and restaurants’ view towards to landscape to maximize greenery view so that visitors can experience and enjoy natural scenery all around. 

Multi-purposed water facilities, including the sound effect system and mist system, will provide a lively experience for visitors, naturally inducing them to participate in activities, which will make public space more refreshing and entertaining.

Eventual mist system combining with greenery together with lighting system are one of the features of project to bring visitor not only the unique space but also the cooler and comfortable atsmosphere in Binh Duong city.

In restaurants, there are two directions, opening to green view to maximize the benefit together with connection with public space. It also helps cross ventilation at night yet not using air-conditioner.

Architecture and Landscape design: Takashi Niwa, Vu Thi Thanh Huong, Bui Cong Ky, Tran Thi Thu Trang, Dang Ngoc Tuong, Le Van Bach, Do Huu Tam